Citrine Group, part of the Wealthstone’s private equity activity, is a leading technology group that allows companies with innovative technology to become worldwide market leaders.

Citrine focuses on innovative solutions in the area of personal health, wellness, food-tech and medical cannabis, as well as all areas of hi-tech and bio-tech, meant to improve the lives of millions of people around the world.

Citrine’s goal is to be the address for investments and promotion of companies from the hi-tech and bio-tech sectors

Investment Philosophy

One of Citrine’s investment principles is diversification and spread of investment over companies from various areas and at different stages of the corporate life cycle: from start-up companies that have just completed product development to companies that have commenced sales, with the purpose of creating a diversified and balanced portfolio

Citrine invests in companies that have yet to reached their breakthrough and need financial assistance in order to realize the technological and business potential in the international market

Citrine has a structured process for examining the advisability of investment through designated teams and collaborations for purpose of helping in selecting the companies

Citrine examines the needs of each and every company and provides assistance as necessary

Citrine SAL funds for investment in technology, hi-tech and bio-tech


  • The Israeli technology, hi-tech and bio-tech industry is the driving force behind the Israeli economy and is a significant destination for investments, mergers and acquisitions.
  • There are many technology companies in Israel that require financial and business support for realizing their potential on international markets.
  • There is a shortage in designated investment mechanisms that are suited for private, public and institutional investors in the technology world.

Citrine SAL is the technology investment arm of the Wealthstone Group.

Citrine SAL has built a unique platform for private, public and institutional investors, that includes mechanisms and tools at international standards for investing in technology companies in the areas of hi-tech, bio-tech, medicine, food-tech and medical cannabis.

The platform includes limited partnerships managed by Citrine SAL Hi-Tech and Citrine SAL Bio-Tech as the managing partners.

The partnerships are registered as limited partnerships with the Registrar of Partnerships in Israel and include a range of options regarding investment period, sectors, risk level, profitability and safeguards, allowing for diversified investing.

Along with financial investments Citrine SAL provides business advice to the companies through an experienced and professional team that helps formulate strategy, locate business partners, obtain grants and  investments, succeed in financial processes, mergers and acquisition, and more.

Citrine maintains close cooperation with companies, funds, investment houses, innovation centers, universities, academic research centers, technology companies and an extensive network of partner advisors from Israel and abroad

Investment policy

Citrine SAL invests using a limited partnerships model

Citrine SAL operates through investment diversification in a number of different companies

Citrine SAL carefully examines the companies through an investments committee that includes an experienced and professional team, in cooperation with top experts in the field

Citrine SAL provides preference to investments for repayment of their investment before distributing profits to the managing partner

Citrine SAL invests by way of loan, receiving options and/or shares, including in public companies

Citrine SAL conducts ongoing review over the companies throughout the period of the partnership, including the company’s activity, strategy, risk management, data analysis, projections and performance


Citrine Global

  • Citrine Global Corp. is a publicly traded company whose shares are traded on the US OTC market.
  • The Company's business activity is comprised of creating value and implementing expansion strategies for growth-stage technology companies, offering multi-strategy solutions combining strategic marketing, business development, real estate and asset management services and financing solutions. Such wide spectrum of services is targeted at helping create an integrated strategy that supports the companies in achieving their local and global expansion plans.
  • Geographies: The Company provides solutions to companies from Israel, USA, Canada, Europe and around the world through subsidiaries and local teams and professionals in each region.
  • The company focuses, as first step, on the Israeli market, via its fully-owned subsidiary, which targets Israeli startups and technologies, and in particular public companies, in the fields of Healthcare, Wellness, Food Tech and Medical Cannabis.
  • Citrine Global has in place strategic collaborations with partners, foundations, investment houses, innovation centers, universities, academic research institutes, technology companies, and a broad network of partner advisers from Israel and around the world.

Citrine Global supports high-growth technology companies via an array of services, from assistance with strategic business planning to financing and operational execution, customized per individual company’s needs

Biz Dev & Consultancy

  • Assisting the company management in building strategy and milestones for global success.
  • Provide board advisory support
  • Business development, creating synergistic partnerships, M&As, IPOs and more

Asset & Real Estate

  • Provide solutions for companies’ real estate to support company local and global expansion
  • Financing the companies’ specific growth needs for equipment, R&D, labs infrastructure, mass production and more.


  • Venture & Alternative Lending for Working Capital
  • Asset-Based Financing
  • Bridge Loans
  • Raising capital via public and private offerings and more


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