Wealthstone Real Estate is one of the largest companies in Israel for financing urban renewal and city building plans for living projects through limited partnerships in which it serves as a general partner. Wealthstone Real Estate deals with financing and lending for projects in the real estate sector, urban renewal, TAMA 38, removal-construction, and projects requiring equity and senior debt financing. Wealthstone currently finances dozens of projects in Gush Dan, The Sharon and Jerusalem. The projects are located in the most attractive places in Israel, with the highest potential for profitability.

The funds of investors in Wealthstone Real Estate are used only as loans for supplementing and financing equity needed for various real estate projects. The management team specializes in the area of real estate financing and is supported by top professional consultants in the field, among them: appraisers, engineering companies, legal advisers, and other experts in the real estate sector.

Wealthstone Real Estate operates through limited partnerships in which it serves as the general partner. The investors’ funds are directly deposited into a trust account, which is owned only by the partnership and in which it is the sole authorized signatory in the partnership’s bank account. At Wealthstone Real Estate, the investors benefit from diversification of the investment in a number of projects and have preference in receiving returns vis-à-vis the general partner and the developers in each project. The investors also benefit from a set of collaterals in their favor, pledge of the developer’s right, mortgage registration to the extent possible and external support and supervision of an auditing firm (PwC Kesselman & Kesselman).

In 2018-2021, Wealthstone Real Estate received recognition for its activities and a seal of approval for professionalism and reliability, and for being one of the leading companies in its field

DUN’S 100 – a ranking of the leading 100 companies in Israel’s real estate sector

DUN’S 100 is a professional, objective, and reliable guide based on fixed, defined, and measurable criteria according to various market sectors.

Appearing in DUN’S 100 guide is an indication of being amongst the most successful companies in Israel’s economy, and is a mark of quality for the company and its managers.

This mark of quality is proof of strength, leadership, and excellence, and is a strategic tool that assists rated companies in facilitating exposure and expansion of business opportunities vis-à-vis clients, suppliers, and investors both in Israel and around the world.

 Bank Leumi Trust Company, is the sole authorized signatory.

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Why urban renewal and city building plans for living

National outline plans are considered to be very attractive in Israel’s real estate market, both for developers and apartment purchasers.

These plans receive encouragement from the State for implementation through expanding permits and tax relief.

The apartments offered for purchase in these projects are considered to be in very high demand, since they are new and unique apartments that are built in urban centers, on recognized and stable infrastructure. All of these advantages these projects very profitable.

Investment Advantages

  • Exposure of the investment portfolio to attractive, non-negotiable assets.
  • Investment in real estate project financing in Israel, in high-demand locations for purchasing TAMA 38 and other new urban apartments.
  • Benefit from the advantages of investing (and not in development) in projects that allow surplus returns for the investor.
  • Preference and priority for repayment of the investment (principle + return) to the investor and always before distribution of profits to the developer and the managing partner.
  • Payment of interest tax only, according to an expert opinion from (PwC).
  • Short-term investment.

"WealthStone – Real Estate manage diferent tipes of limited partnerships such as Pre-Permit Fund, General Fund in urban living after Permits and have a special product with a unique protection.

What is the unique protection?

The company cooperates with two international insurance companies, which specialize in development risk and prepare guarantee policies on the performance of projects with the financial support in the partnership. The goal of these policies is to protect the investors’ funds and their expected returns. This is a unique policy and the only product of its kind in Israel offering such protection. Wealthstone manages several types of partnerships for financing various stages in the life of the project, such that each investor chooses the type of partnership most suitable with respect to the complexity and volatility it is willing to be exposed to, and according to the period of the investment and expected returns.

The product is unique in Israel! And provides full protection of the investors’ funds through a guarantee policy procured from international insurance companies.

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WealthStone Investment Philosophy

Asset Diversification

WealthStone invests in a number of projects in every limited partnership

Attractive Markets

Wealthstone finance dozens of projects in Gush Dan, The Sharon and Jerusalem -the projects are located in the most attractive places in Israel

Investment Committees

Each investment is carefully examined by a dedicated Investment Committee, comprised of the best professionals in the relevant fields. These committees are an integral part of WealthStone consulting, supervision and fund management process


WealthStone puts investors at first priority when it comes to distribution of yields. In addition, WealthStone assures that the best securities to protect investors are activated in each investment strategy used, according to what is customary in the relevant investment field

Supervision and Control

WealthStone keeps a dedicated team responsible for supervising and monitoring investments in the various funds on a regular basis

Close Escort

All WealthStone funds are accompanied by a Trustee, a CPA and, if necessary, an Administrator


The information on this website does not constitute an offer to invest in the fund or an invitation to receive offers for investing in the fund, does not constitute a basis for reaching investment decisions, does not constitute a recommendation and/or opinion and is not a substitute for the discretion of potential investors. In addition, the information included herein is not a substitute for professional advice from a licensed professional taking into account all of the client’s needs and does not constitute a substitute to tax advice. The information in this website does not constitute an offer of securities. The securities of the various funds are not listed and shall not be listed for trade and they are offered to investors by private offer to a limited number of offerees as set forth in the Securities Law. Engagement under an' investment agreement is subject to absolute discretion of the general partner

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