WealthStone Holdings Group (WS) specializes in alternative investments mainly by establishing and managing Limited Partnerships for investing in and financing attractive market sectors such as  realestate, Infrastructure, Technology and more.

Wealthstone introduces private investors to a world of investments which until now was reserved only to an exclusive sector of investors.

The company has a variety of products with a wide range of investment in local and global markets, with diferent time periods, risk levels and security levels, so that each investor will find the most suitable investment for him.

WealthStone overall active investment policy is to reduce exposure to risk in each investment to a minimum. we offer investors the ultimate solution for maximum distribution of alternative investment portfolios in capital markets.

WealthStone has developed the WealthStone Standard Index, as a tool to assist investors in examining multiple investment options and then choosing and assembling their own personally-tailored alternative investment portfolio

WealthStone Standard Index

The WealthStone Standard Index allows the investor to compare diffearent investment products and choose the combination

The world of alternative investments has a wide range of investment opportunities that tend to be quite confusing for those who are unfamiliar with the field. In order to make a wise and profitable investment, it is necessary not only to understand the different types of investments, but also to be able to compare relevant available options. The big difference between financial products makes it difficult for investors to make an educated decision and choose the investment channel that suits him/her best according to listed preferences. 

Precisely for this reason, Wealthstone has developed the Wealthstone Standard Index, which allows to compare various investment products by Wealthstone, and choose the most suitable option for the investor, according to his specific preferences. The index takes three essential parameters into account for evaluating the potential for risk and profit embodied in the investment, and presents them through simple and easy-to-understand graphs. 

The parameters that the Index takes into account are:

  1. Volatility of investment 


  2. Complexity and Transparency of investment 


  3. Investment period 


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WealthStone Investment Philosophy


The decision-making process at Wealthstone is based on the extensive experience of the founders in the investment world.


Wealthstone objectively analyzes and filters its investments with the assistance of an investment committee that includes a professional team of economists, attorneys, and sector-relevant professionals.


Wealthstone invests in sectors that it estimates shall yield superior performance and a more attractive return potential relative to the risk involved.

Investment Diversification

Wealthstone invests in a number of various sectors, while maintaining the principle of investment diversification with the goal of minimizing risk to the investor.

Supervision and Accountability

Wealthstone conducts supervision and inspection on an ongoing basis with respect to its investments, which allows for dynamic management of various investments.

Investor Priority

Wealthstone places the utmost emphasis on building trust with the investor, and therefore gives the investor preference and priority for repayment of the investment and receiving profits before the general partner.

Experienced Teams
WealthStone thorough decision-making process is based on dozens of years of accumulated experience in investment markets of company's team
Personal Customizations
WealthStone proprietary investment platform can be specifically adapted to the financial needs of private as well as institutional investors; targeting to diversify investment portfolios with different risk levels and investment ranges
Safe Procedures
WealthStone executes investments via establishing and managing Limited Partnerships that are backed by Trust Accounts, where the only authorized signatory is the Trustee
Investment Committees
Each investment is carefully examined by a dedicated Investment Committee, comprised of the best professionals in the relevant fields. These committees are an integral part of WealthStone consulting, supervision and fund management process
Full Transparency
We at WealthStone believe in full transparency to investors; investors regularly receive written information about their investments, including ongoing and periodic detailed reports
WealthStone puts investors at first priority when it comes to distribution of yields. In addition, WealthStone assures that the best securities to protect investors are activated in each investment strategy used, according to what is customary in the relevant investment field
Supervision and Control
WealthStone keeps a dedicated team responsible for supervising and monitoring investments in the various funds on a regular basis
Close Escort
All WealthStone funds are accompanied by a Trustee, a CPA and, if necessary, an Administrator


The information on this website does not constitute an offer to invest in the fund or an invitation to receive offers for investing in the fund, does not constitute a basis for reaching investment decisions, does not constitute a recommendation and/or opinion and is not a substitute for the discretion of potential investors. In addition, the information included herein is not a substitute for professional advice from a licensed professional taking into account all of the client’s needs and does not constitute a substitute to tax advice. The information in this website does not constitute an offer of securities. The securities of the various funds are not listed and shall not be listed for trade and they are offered to investors by private offer to a limited number of offerees as set forth in the Securities Law. Engagement under an' investment agreement is subject to absolute discretion of the general partner

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